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christmascandleChristmas Eve — We went to the candlelight service at church then up to my sister’s to exchange gifts. It’s hard to believe we still have my b-i-l Greg with us when his initial cancer diagnosis was for six months. It’s been nearly three years! When we got home we lit the candles on our Advent Wreath and did our final devotion. Then we placed the white Christ candle in it’s place and lit it. We just sat there for a few minutes reflecting on the evening. It was nice to unwind. But it had been a busy day and we weren’t long out of bed!. 😀

Christmas morning — We slept in, and woke up to 14″ of new Christmas snow! It was beautiful. We popped some cinnamon rolls in the oven, made a pot of coffee, and proceeded to open our gifts. Before we did, Drollery said, “Don’t forget to light the Christ candle.” Though all five of them are lit on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning is just for Jesus. And my mind started thinking about a two-minute conversation I’d had with our choir director Deb at church last night.

download-1A school teacher, she’s off this week, of course, and we were making arrangements to meet at Starbucks for one of our marathon chats on Wednesday. But as I walked away from her I had the thought, I really should have gotten her a gift… All night I pondered what I should do about that. Should I buy her a Starbucks’ gift card? A Christmas ornament that says “Friend?” Was it necessary to buy her something at all (she and I are kind of hit and miss on this!)?

But when Drollery said to light the candle, I got quiet inside for a minute. I thought, what does that signify for us, that lighting of the one white candle on Christmas day? The answer, of course, is Jesus’ presence in our lives. That presence is HIS gift to US, because more than anything he longs for our companionship. I thought about all the times I’ve gotten together with Deb over coffee and realized it was the gift of HER companionship I longed for, not for something she might buy me for Christmas.

7cfe73afab27a8f04f1f2d05ecae4ad1It was just a little thought. Only took a moment, but made me more aware of what gifts of friendship are all about. Deb and I don’t need to buy each other anything. We’re already giving the best gift we have to each other — the gift of ourselves. And isn’t that what Christmas is really all about? The gift of LOVE hungering for companionship with HIS creations… I won’t be buying Deb a gift, but I WILL be giving her the best gift I have — my friendship. I figure C.S. Lewis’ quote is an appropriate gift for a choir director!!!. 😀


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