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Egads!!! I just keep falling behind in these challenges! Last week’s challenge wanted to know, if you were to be reborn again, what would you like to be reborn as? Actually I didn’t have to think much about this. I knew I’d like to be reborn as myself — with a clean slate!


Now I don’t figure I’ve made too many bad mistakes in my life. Perhaps getting married too young wasn’t so smart, but for the most part I really played by the book. So I would trust myself enough to take a new road again. New choices might lead to new adventures. Right? I would, however, change two things.

First, I would be much more food savvy the second time around. I don’t know if that would keep me from developing Type 2 diabetes or not, but I would be a lot healthier all the way around if I’d paid more attention to nutrition when I was younger!. 😦

burning-horse-running-with-burning-wolf-wallpappersThe second thing is, I’d like to come back with a gift! Not exactly a superpower, but more an intuitive gift? I would LOVE to be able to communicate with animals. All animals, of course, but especially horses and wolves. They would make wonderful companions. And perhaps owls. And that MIGHT lead me to a new career as a veterinarian! Or maybe I could just hang a shingle out advertising myself as The Animal Whisperer! I guess I’m curious as to how different friendship with a critter would be from friendships with people. I know. Weird, huh?

A couple things I would definitely embrace? Horseback riding and I’d learn to use my bow better. These things might seem kind of strange for me, but they’re all a part of Calen, my alter ego. So why not?



Sandbox Writing Challenge #69 — What I want to be when I grow up – again!

Picture Source:
Girl Growing Up — kduhrich
Horse & Wolf — wallpaper