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This is a VERY rough draft of something I’m trying to say. It’s not coming out right. Gotta work on it some more. But for now it is what it is. It might make sense, then again, it might not! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not even sure about the name…



i wasn’t prepared for what happened
when you opened the door to my life.
in the blink of an eye i morphed
from Alice in Wonderland, with my
too much muchness, to Dorothy, running
away from home with Toto in her basket.
suddenly my black and white life
was filled with overwhelming color
so bright it nearly hurt my heart.

not in a bad way, but in an awakening.
like a butterfly sleeping in its cocoon,
i opened my soul* and swelled
out of that sheltered place, wings unfurling,
perched on a limb, the ground below me,
the sky above, and i felt for the first time i
had a choice of where to fly.

so enamored was i with the sights and
sounds around me i became fearful
of your leaving and closing the door behind you
because you couldn’t promise
you’d always be there.

panicked, i ย hungered to see and learn as much as I could.
i threw myself into the air, my winged journey
a joyful pain. yet, I persevered, I soared,
deeper and deeper into that beautiful country
until I realized, as your voice echoed
from behind a curtain in an emerald city,
your words reverberating through my being,
that now I must quest to find the witches in my life.

so here i stand at the crossroads, lost in Oz,
asking myself if i have the courage to take up the challenge,
or if i would rather pull the door shut myself
and return to my black and white life
of boring sameness and safety.

but, i wonder, could i ever forget
that beautiful, scary, technicolor world
you invited me into?


or would my soul* be satisfied to remain forever
locked in that dark, stagnant cocoon
where it would eventually wither
and pass from this world
forgotten and alone…


(*the Greek word for Butterfly)


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