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NaJoWriMo Day 1

For this your first prompt, describe your creative side. When I refer to creative expression, it can range from doodling in your journal, home decorating, creating a presentation for your job or organization, to singing, painting, or playing a sport.

Write as much as you can about the forms of creative expression that you regularly engage in. Go on to describe the history of your creative expression(s), and how you think your creative side is a part of your personality and outlook on life.

If you absolutely don’t think you have a creative side, write about how you would like to be creative, and what do you think is keeping you from being able to express yourself in creative ways.


Well I can see right off the bat that my definition of creative wouldn’t have been the same as his. If I’m to take into account all the things he lists, then yes, I suppose I am creative to a certain extent. But then I believe we’re ALL created to create!

— I don’t DOODLE in my journals, but I love to use stickers to mark certain writings. For example if I’m musing about something I feel is a “key struggle” in my life, I have some great KEY stickers to put on that page.
— Needlework is something I enjoy, especially cross stitch and tatting. But that’s not necessarily being creative in my opinion, it’s merely being able to follow a pattern.
— I’m also pretty good at organizing with existing materials. Having worked at a copy shop for years, I had ample opportunity to do design layouts for wedding announcements, business cards, flyers, etc. But my favorite project was the 100-plus-page books for our church women’s retreats every year.
— I suck at home decorating, painting, playing sports, and can barely carry a tune in a bucket.
— I did write a play once for VBS at church, and for two years wrote a column for our denominational newsletter about whatever struck my fancy (it was more a matter of “reporting” what was already there).
— I’ve started a couple stories (using the term loosely), and in 2013 I accidentally got involved with NaNoWriMo and ended up writing a novel, Glencara’s Bane (93K words), in 30 days — at which point my writing creativity up and deserted me, and that sucker is sitting there waiting for the first draft to be edited!

2-types-creativity-use-themI honestly DON’T think I have much of a creative side, which frustrates the heck out of me. Obviously writing (and being good at it) is one of my fondest wishes, as was the idea of playing the piano as an outlet for my emotions. But any creative impulses that manage to find me seem to dissipate fairly quickly leaving me more frustrated than ever. I’m not sure if I just have a short attention span and get bored easy or if I give up when things get difficult.

rbvaglwlezaaclccaaohl-_65zu561What I HAVE figured out is that my creative energies definitely took a dip when I quit work in 2003. I’m stuck at home A LOT without my own car, and the lack of mental and emotional stimulation of being out and about has put a damper on my imagination. (You can only reorganize a house so many ways!) I think that lack of inspiration has depressed me — a lot! It’s affected my attitude and made me a far more negative person in my RL than I care to admit.

I started this blog in the hopes of changing that. Meeting all you wonderful people has helped. I am CONSTANTLY BLOWN AWAY by the talented writing I read on WordPress. But the fact remains nothing can really take the place of being involved in the world around you. Now if someone would just leave a car moped bicycle skateboard some form of transportation with a big bow on it for me in the driveway, that might change! (Or if they’d move the bus route a mile or so closer to our house!)


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