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I think I actually missed one of the Sandbox Writing Challenges! I’ll have to go back and look. And THIS one nearly slipped by me, too. But it has been, after all, the holidays! I’m cuttin’ myself some slack!

So Sandbox Writing Challenge #70 — What’s your greatest get? wants to know…

Is there one thing that YOU want most out of life?

On the surface this would seem to be an easy question to answer, but after much thought I couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing. A lot of pondering brought me to the realization there are two things in my life that would make me happier than anything else.

Stef and Bran graduationFirst, I want so much to see our son settled into his own home and in a career that he finds fulfilling and rewarding. Our daughter, Stef, has a beautiful husband and family and we are confident that she has found her niche in this world. But for Bran for whom everything came easily through his youth, school years, and college, that niche has been elusive. Probably our greatest concern (Drollery’s and mine) is that we will both depart this life still worrying about Bran’s future. I cannot explain the relief and joy we would feel should he finally find his way.

crying-womanSecondly was a far more intimate something for me. With my whole heart I wish I could find an effective outlet for all the emotions, be they joys or fears or hurts, that are bottled up inside me. I am not a crier, per se. I often get very teary over many things, but there is a part of me that seemingly forbids me to break down and have a good, cleansing cry. All my life I’ve looked for the means by which to bleed off those strong feelings. I’ve mentioned before I had hoped playing the piano would be my answer, but that didn’t work out. So I’m still searching for that magic release.

When I look inside, these are the two “gets” I want more than anything else. This year is off to a promising start for Brandon. Maybe soon that first one will come to fruition…


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