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WELCOME to 2017! Where in the world have the years gone??? I remember when we were all nervous about what was going to happen when the year turned over to 2000. Were we going to wake up with no money in our bank accounts? Our histories wiped out? Seemed so possible at the end of 1999.

I guess the one thing we DO know about these new years, as Jeanne pointed out in the comments on What do I want most out of life?, is “The beauty of a new year is all the opportunity and faith and hope it holds. Stay open and embrace the possibilities. Without fear. In that there will be magic.”

With that in mind, here at the beginning of the new year, let’s jump back to Learning to Fall and look at the subjects of unfinished lives and learning to live in the moment…


When you remember your unfinished tasks,
both great and small,
what feelings arise in you?

So we all know pretty much know how failures in our lives can make us feel, but what about unfinished business?

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Post link: https://promptlings.wordpress.com/2017/01/03/sandbox-writing-challenge-7-unfinished/


Picture Source: Help Center – Azendoo

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