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bigstock_old_map_and_compass_concepts_61330781I keep telling myself I’m going to stop being so verbal on this blog about my struggles to come to terms with what I do and don’t believe spiritually. Yet it is a part of who I am. But Lori Strawn over at praypower4today wrote something this week about that “search” that so resonated with me, I wanted to reblog it so I could find it again. Thanks for your sensitivity and honesty, Lori. ❤


Those miniature mangers we keep around our homes at Christmastime are liars — they make us forget that the three kings (or magi) never hovered around Jesus’ birthplace to adore him along with the shepherds, angels and various ungulates. It took them time to get where they were going. In this, I understand and sympathize with them. It takes most of us time to see the way to God — years and years and years. As such a sojourner, I felt compelled to compose the following.

I didn’t get it
not at first
still don’t, not really
but the portents are present
and I can read them,
the words becoming old friends
to my tongue.
One of these days,
after crossing the desert
or the ocean
or the mountains — any of these
may be —
I will at last decipher the last
of the bent runes,
turn my map counter-clockwise,

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