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The Sandbox Writing Challenge #71 for this week wants to know:

When you remember your unfinished tasks,
both great and small,
what feelings arise in you?


I thought this was an interesting question. When I look back at 2016 I suppose the thing I’ve left undone the most frequently is housework. Now while I do have some SMALL guilt over being a crappy housekeeper and chief cook and bottle washer, it does NOT keep me awake at night! If that were the case I’d never get ANY sleep! It’s as I’ve said before, my house is “clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy.” And that works just fine for me.

What I DO feel guilty about are those niggling little “I’ll get around to it later” things that really shouldn’t be considered niggling because they’re very important. Phone calls I should have made to folks who need an ear… Cards I should have sent to help encourage others (or just make them smile. 😀 )… Visits I should be making but it’s inconvenient to make arrangements to keep the car… Taking flowers to my folks’ grave at the cemetery for their birthdays or other special occasions… And maybe going out of my way to fix a special dinner for Drollery now and then…

Every one of the things on that list is a “connection” thing. I believe whole-heartedly people are created to live in connection with others (and yes, even those from the past, as Spiritual Dragonfly can attest to). And doing what ever I can to foster those connections is why I believe I’m here on this messy planet.

So yes, there are things I left undone that make me feel a little guilty, or maybe just disappointed in myself, but I also know that with this list I can start over every single day. What’s important to me is that I don’t just pay lip service to what I feel in my heart, but I actually live out these words that I’m embracing…


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