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Calen raises her hand in the back of the room and, when called on, stands up. She looks around the room at the faces full of anticipation and says, “I’m a quote junkie… I cannot stay away from them. Every now and then one quickens my heart and becomes like bread to my starving soul.” She is surprised and heartened as many people gather round her muttering their congratulations at her admission and their shared addiction! .😀

Yes, I freely admit it. I am a quote junkie. I’m on the lookout for them constantly, be they from books, movies, songs, or just someone I know. I have a binder full of them which I add to all the time. I stumbled across one the other day that actually DID make me quiver and quicken (quicken: spring to life; become animated). It’s from the Talmud…


I SO believe that. I KNOW it’s true that in one concise, simple comment your life can be changed for the better. Your perception of your life, your circumstances, your beliefs can alter and become clearer in the blink of an eye. And you won’t even have had to read a whole book for it to happen!

I’ve done SIX rounds of Quote Challenges and I’m always sorry when they’re over, but those challenges just make me hungry for more. So I’m introducing a new weekly feature: Life Quotes. I hope you will add your comments. If you are drawn to the quote, PLEASE tell us why.

And should you ever come across a quote you’re dying to share, drop me a note and have a turn at being a guest Quoter!

So what’s your response to today’s Life Quotes.


Picture Source: www.breadstory.com