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Harula over at wordsthatserve is starting a regular Wednesday feature presenting writing prompts she uses in the creative writing class she teaches. I encourage all you writers to stop by there and check it out!

Here’s her first prompt!

Writing PromptWhere do you go?

Write the name of a place in response to each of the following four questions. Ideally the places you name should be real and specific. Of course, you could use the same place for one than one. Now choose one of the four to write about and expand upon for 10 minutes. 

Where do you go when…
– you want to be alone? (Starbucks)
– you want to be in the company of others? (Starbucks)
– you want to celebrate? (Olive Garden)
– you want to connect with something bigger (life, love, spirit, God – whatever you want to call it)? (My house when EVERYONE is gone!)



My Starbucks when it opened in 2006.

How can one be alone and yet enjoy the company of others at the same place? Yes, I’m writing about Starbucks. I have an ongoing love affair with Starbucks. Going there is like a mini-vacation for me. Whether I take a book, a laptop, a journal, or a friend, I always feel like I fit in because the people who frequent it are so diverse. It’s not uncommon for me and a friend (usually only one at a time for this is a place for SERIOUS discussion!) to nurse one cup of something or other for three or four hours (and they NEVER ask you to leave!). Hot coffee is not my friend for some reason, but cold coffee is another story. So my drink of choice is a raspberry mocha frappuccino light (160 calories).

Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino

Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino

But while I enjoy catching up with friends as if we were at a local pub, I’m equally comfortable and at home being all alone. I LOVE to read there. People are respectful and it’s quiet. I also find that despite being surrounded by other customers (half of them with laptops) it’s a great place for me to write, be it on my laptop or in my journal. Privacy has never been an issue, even in the midst of a bunch of people. There’s just something about the ambiance of that place that feels a little cosmopolitan to me, though I have yet to start scribbling my breakout novel on a napkin like Hemingway!



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