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There have been some really interesting comments on this week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge. I’ve had to think really hard about the question, which is…

What does success actually mean to you?

A million things went around in my head and I wasn’t really happy with any of them. Then yesterday while the guys were watching their team the Patriots play a history-making game to win the Super Bowl (did you know that’s the very first time there’s ever been an overtime in a Super Bowl game?), I was moved to tackle a basket of shirts that needed ironed and some pants that needed patched that have been sitting in my “office/library” for nigh on to two years…

ironing-servicePersonally I think ironing should be outlawed. It’s detrimental to your health! Standing in one place for very long is really hard on my back and probably yours, too. NO CLOTHES come into this house that are NOT permanent press! Just so happened a couple of these were shirts my sister had gotten Drollery a few years ago and I hate them. Eddie Bauer cotton shirts that have velcro sticking the pocket flaps and the collars down, an extra piece on the yoke on the back that’s held on by velcro (God only knows why!), plastic zippers… Lordy!!! (You know what happens when you put too much heat on plastic zippers and velcro, right?) Took me half an hour each to iron them. Anyway, hopefully he won’t WEAR them for a while!!!

images-2Then I patched a pair of Bran’s jeans and a pair of Drollery’s dress pants. And when I looked in the basket and realized it was empty I thought OML!!! They’re done! I did it! And THAT’S when I knew what the definition of success was for me. It’s when I actually finish something I’ve started — even IF it’s a couple years later! I’m a terrific starter, but a horrible finisher.

I can’t explain how victorious I was feeling upstairs while my guys were feeling victorious downstairs. I felt so good and wondered why in the world I had left them go so long. How could that basket of four shirts and two pairs of pants intimidate me like that? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I did find the answer to the Sandbox Challenge. Success for me is finishing — ANYTHING!.😀

Actually it was a “successful” WEEKEND for me. I also cleaned the bathroom, including the tiles (with a little help from Droll), and sorted out, threw away stuff, and rearranged the hall linen closet. Boy was I on a roll. Must be Spring fever…


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