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quotes-writing-anais-nin-600x411-300x205Being a huge believer in writing being therapeutic, I LOVED Janet Thomas’ post from yesterday. If you’ve never thought about journaling or blogging as being therapeutic, I hope you’ll stop by and read her post! There are some GREAT quotes to think about.

Elixir: Footnotes from the Third Age

I cannot remember the last time I wrote a post specifically related to therapeutic writing. Most of my posts are reflective, but the chief impetus for creating this blog has faded somewhat.  Today, while tidying up and relocating old files, I reflected on the five years I spent researching the power of creative writing to heal, or at least assuage, grief, loss and trauma. As I sorted through my files I found the following quotations from people I consider experts in the field of therapeutic writing and I decided to share them.

Art allows a safe revisiting of that place of revulsion. (1)

cta7f7bwt5o-serge-esteveThis is a confronting assertion. Who wants to return to a place of fear and loathing, who wants to expose themselves to memories of pain and sorrow? How is reliving the bad times healing? Research demonstrates that when we relive a trauma on the page, when the power…

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