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NaJoWriMo Day 4
Setting your parameters for creativity

In order to let our creative side flourish, we often need to set parameters for ourselves in order to pursue and achieve the things we really want to achieve. Often times we simply need to keep different types of spaces as clear as possible so that we don’t get distracted or held back from what we’re passionate about.

For today’s prompt, write and/or draw three signs that you would hang on your home door, work door, or even your forehead to let others know what you allow and don’t allow in your life. For example, a sign might be, “No Gossiping” or “Please Knock First.”

Now write about your signs and how you will enforce them, or how you already enforce them. Are there ways you can communicate your signs without actually posting them? Or should one or more of them be physically posted?

At first I thought this was kind of a silly prompt. But when I tried to think of what my signs would be, it was harder than I thought! So what three signs did I come up with?

  1. Private: Entrance by invitation only when creating.
  2. Reality Free Zone: You’ll never know what you’ll find in here.
  3. Quiet Please: If you don’t hear me for awhile, I’m not dead, I’m meditating. (Probably!).😀

I would have NO problem at all posting these signs on my library/office door. We have a rule in our house, however, that would probably make them unnecessary. We taught our kids a long time ago that you don’t go into someone’s room without knocking. And Drollery and I have always abided by that, too.

invitation_only-430x250So no one would really come in if my door was shut. Still, if I’m busy trying to do a post, edit my manuscript, writing letters or cards (which I think is very creative), I would rather not be interrupted unless someone really needs something. And since it’s a crap shoot as to what’s going through my imagination, this sign ought to keep them out!

1466193dd3f79150e05e353a6ea699c0The second sign would keep them away for the simple reason that they KNOW I sometimes lose myself for long periods in that room and probably wouldn’t hear them knocking anyway because I get caught up in such intensity. And they also think I’ve gone round the bend at times with the stuff I write. I’m not sure they REALLY want to know what’s going on in there!

unnamedThe last sign is a timed exercise in patience for them. I normally meditate now for 30-40 minutes, so if I don’t come out to use the toity in a couple hours, they would know they probably ought to check to see if I’ve hyperventilated at some point, fallen off the love seat, and hit my head on the square table knocking myself out!

Ok, so I guess this was kind of a silly prompt after all. But it was kind of fun! The truth is my family pretty much knows when to leave me alone. They can see the gears turning in my eyes! Now the grandkiddos will be moving here on the 22nd. Lord only knows how THAT’S gonna go!


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