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0000wallAll I can say is “I second that!” This post is so well thought out. And these are my sentiments, exactly!

This man is so “eclectic.” A pastoral candidate with both a psychology degree and a criminal justice degree who moonlights as a bridal consultant in his spare time? I’m pretty proud him — he just happens to be my kid! I think he should add journalist to his resume! His logic is spot on. Please do stop by and leave your likes and comments on his blog. Thanks.

The Path of Grace

0000wallNo one can stop The Wall! Right? I’m going to depart from my usual subject here on the blog just this once. No, I’m not turning into a music reviewer and talking about Pink Floyd. I want to talk about Trump’s wall.

Oh, I can hear the groaning already! “Ugh, a political post! I’m out of here!” Just hear me out. This isn’t a political post at all in the sense of being for or against a candidate. It’s my view on the specific policy of building a wall on our southern border. I’m not here to thrash the President or sling mud, I just want to say why I think the Wall is a tremendous waste of money and resources.

But why should you care what I think? I don’t know if you should honestly, but it’s my blog, so there. Also, I’m not just a bleeding heart wannabe…

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