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meditationI’ve been doing a ten-minute meditation on Calm.com every morning after Drollery leaves for work. I’ve found it’s a good way to shed all the left-over concerns and urgency from yesterday so I can get a fresh start in the mornings. I’ve also found it slows me down in a way that I can feel the space between breaths as I’m breathing. I have more time than I thought! Surprising…

This morning when I finished I stopped by Raili’s post from yesterday over at soulgifts — Telling Tales, Meditation to Begin a New Weekand did the 10-minute meditation on Peace there as well. I was surprised by something.

401550_256829014388018_179181975486056_634978_1095677872_nDuring the guided meditation you were asked to envision a symbol of Peace — a thing, a place, an idea, etc. For me Peace is always symbolized by a Dove with an olive branch in its beak. But as she got deeper into the meditation and talked about sending Peace out into the world, my image shifted, and suddenly I was a long, rough-hewn table with benches along each side, and I was dumping out a muffin tin full of muffins! My awareness at the moment didn’t stretch as far as to smell what kind they were, but I had the thought if I could bring some kind of Peace to the world, the first thing I’d do was FEED everyone! (Not surprising as enamored with food as I am! LOL)

It was just something that caught me off guard and made me feel that helping to feed folks on this planet is something that must be very close to my heart. And perhaps that’s why I get such a high from doing the Stop Hunger Now service projects. Anyway, it was just a little something that fascinated me, and I thought I’d share it.

Do you meditate? If so, have you ever had an epiphany during your meditation time?


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