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Well THIS was an interesting prompt! Truthfully I wasn’t sure what certain colors meant to me. I had no connection with one of them listed at all and couldn’t come up with anything. Can you guess which? Started by just writing down different lines that came to me about each and realized I was kind of writing in haiku. (rolls eyes…) This was harder than I thought! See if you can guess which color is which. I’ve hidden the title of each, but if you block the space above the haiku you’ll find it.

NaJoWriMo Day 6
The Meaning of Colors

Colors are very much a part of creative expression. For today’s prompt, write about each of the following colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, black, and white) and express what each color means to you. Avoid thinking about the stereotypical definition of those colors, and instead think about what the color communicates to you personally. Think about how you use those colors in your personal life.




sophisticated —
a roaming jungle panther
sleek, sly, treacherous

forever optimistic
birth vanquishes death

brazen, bold, haughty
a cocky, strutting rooster
craving attention

soft, tender new dawn
blooms slowly, shyly like a
young girl’s first sweet blush

ladies of the court
dressed in frills and frippery,
the daffodils dance

eager blank pages,
an elegant, wedding gown,
tales waiting to start

splendid and serene
high above busy valleys,
mountain majesties


Picture Source: Dreamstime.com