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Last week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge wanted to know,

If you could go back in time,
what are the things you would change?


Do-overs, eh? You know, I think I’ve been very fortunate in my life to not have to lay claim to very many of these “if-I-could-do-it-over-again” moments. I’m a cautious person who usually thinks (and thinks, and thinks, and thinks) before she does something. Stupid I can do really fast! But mostly important stuff I ponder on a bit.

Probably the first “do-over” moment I can remember is when I lost my hand mirror at summer camp when I was nine or ten. I was trying to hold the handle between my knees and put bobby pins in my hair when the bloomin’ thing slipped down between my legs and right into a space between the floor boards into the dirt beneath the cabin. Even at that tender age it was a “path-defining” moment for me that has caused me great heartache for goin’ on 57 years. How I wish I would have just gone up to the showers where the mirrors were and fixed that crazy rat’s nest of mine!

Another important thing I would likely have done differently was either NOT go to business school (even though I had a full scholarship) (but then I wouldn’t have met his lordship — maybe — who knows), or I would have gone back to school after I got married and gotten a degree in English Lit.  I guess that was a “life-defining” lapse in judgement on my part, too. I think I would have been deliriously happy teaching young thangs to read and write.

I regret cancelling our 25th wedding anniversary party. My dad had passed away seven weeks before that, and I think I may have been throwing a bit of an emotional temper tantrum. If my daddy couldn’t be there, then I wasn’t having a party! I do realize, however, that grief isn’t always a simple thing. And maybe it’s just that I have always regretted returning the beautiful dress I bought for the occasion. (Yes, I can be materialistic every now and then despite not being willing to part with my 45-year-old clothes dryer).

So I can’t say there were a lot of those times in my life. I will say the sad thing about “do-over” moments is that they tend to come back to haunt you every now and then…


Picture Source: Patheos