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Morning all! Normally the new SWC would be here, but since traffic has been so slow as of late, I feel it may have outlived it purpose. When Fimnora from Quantum Hermit, Linda from Spiritual Dragonfly, and I discussed doing Roberta Allen’s The Playful Way to Knowing Yourself: A Creative Workbook to Inspire Self-Discovery, we had an eye to helping people loosen up and talk about themselves. It more than exceeded our expectations. Since August 12, 2015 we’ve posted 89 prompts and reviews. That is SO freakin’ awesome!

There was something magical about that book. Once we had exhausted the topics, however, none of the books I’ve researched has gelled with this challenge in the same deep way. Allen definitely had an agenda when she wrote it. I have done her other book, The Playful Way to Serious Writing, but it is more along the lines of writing flash fiction from picture prompts. And there are so many of those challenges around right now. Perhaps later in the year after Summer I could throw some up and see what people think. In the meantime I will also keep my eyes open for another good book.

One of the things we felt at the very beginning was that if this kind of journal writing could help even one person, it would so be worth doing. Well, there were two folks who ended up being the heart and soul of the Sandbox. It has been so much fun to watch Linda (Spiritual Dragonfly) spread her wings and soar over issues that have weighted her down for a long time. And for Shannon (Survival Skills aka Low Expectations) to find her writing voice and be able to share about how her car was hit by a train and the nightmare her life became after that. I am grateful and humbled by their willingness to make themselves so vulnerable and approachable as we wrote. Listening to you both has been a heart-expanding experience for me. Your words have been such an encouragement.

With the onset of Spring and Summer when folks will be off doing other things, I think we’ll just give the SWC a well-deserved rest. Special thank you to EVERYONE who has participated over the nearly two years. Your openness and honesty have been such a blessing.

So for now we’ll just say ta-ta and see what the Autumn brings around. And once again, thank you all for joining in our playtime. Maybe some of us can throw up a “play date” now and then over the Summer. 😀 See you ’round the blogs!


Picture Source: MyCuteGraphics