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I just happened to pull this question out of 300 Writing Prompts by Piccadilly Inc.:

What stupid question have you heard someone ask (or asked yourself)?

First off, before I answer this, there are two things you need to know. I HATE it when people ask questions with obvious answers.
I love his lordship.

But that man can ask some of the dumbest questions in the world. Like when I was cooking supper a few nights ago I’d cooked some refried beans in the microwave for 90 seconds, took them out and stirred them, put them back in for 90 seconds, and laid the bean covered spoon on the cabinet by the microwave.

When the timer on the microwave went off, Drollery was standing right there and I asked him if he could please stir the beans. He took the dish out of the microwave then proceeded to stand there for a good 60 seconds looking at the spoon with the beans on it. Then he said: “Is THIS the spoon you want me to use to stir them with?”

I’m so thankful there weren’t any flies in the house because I’d have had a mouthful. The bloomin’ spoon was covered with beans, it only seemed logical to me he would understand THAT was the spoon I’d used to stir the beans! Those are the kind of questions that drive me nuts. Especially in the kitchen. And Drollery is a master at asking THOSE kinds of questions.

Normally I will say to him (usually in a teasing tone — though every now and then I can’t hide my incredulity at his questions), “We’ve lived in this house HOW long and you don’t know where the pans go?” “We’ve eaten HOW many meals in this house and you still don’t know which are the good dishes?” “You can see the butter dish is empty and you’re asking me if you need to put some butter out?” (Yes, I actually say those things to him. I mean come on, for heaven’s sake. Engage brain before speech!)

But after the “bean” episode and the lost look on his face it dawned on me I why there is such a disconnect on his part when it comes to being in the kitchen. It’s because he’s only ever in there to eat.

Hm… Me thinks it’s time for someone other than me to start doing some of the cooking! At least on the weekends. Of course on those occasions when I’ve TRIED to get him to take over one day on the weekend, his answer is, “Let’s go out to eat!” (rolls eyes…) I think I’m fighting a losing battle!



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