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I’m a huge fan of Beth O’Neal’s work. Her poem this morning is thundering through my head right now and ringing in my earths with the truth and common sense of it. She commented: I also believe that when a child does not end up being the best at everything, they may feel like a failure in life. I believe this, as well. We watched our son go through this very struggle. Thanks, Beth, for putting your ideas out there so clearly. And do stop by and check out her blog. She is so easy to connect with!

Princess Perfect and special too.

Nothing ordinary about you.

As you grow older you’ll soon find –

you can do anything with that mind.

You’ll be a straight A girl – in demand.

It’ll all turn out as you planned.

Years later and you’re feeling beat.

You tripped over that world at your feet.

Your looks faded, job’s run of the mill.

Now with child but were on the pill.

Don’t despair, you’re a speciality.

Even thought you see mediocracy.

We’ve all got something that makes us stand out.

So love who you are, discard that doubt.

I give my son warmth, love and affection but one thing I’m eager to tell him is that although I think he is the best, kindest, cleverest (insert compliment here) boy in the world; Jo next door thinks little Jo is the best too.  In fact, many parents and grandparents think their children are…

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