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Welcome back to Day 2 of the April A to Z Challenge! So how did you do with the Letter A? Did it give you “paws” for thought? How many of you got it? It was:

[The] Adventures of Rin Tin Tin!

For those of you who never had the pleasure of seeing it, here’s a snippet to whet your whistle, then on to Day 2!

Are you ready to give it another go?

This TV show was one of my teenage fantasies! What girl wouldn’t have wanted three big brothers to dote on her and watch her back? With the widowed mama being a force to be reckoned with, you didn’t mess with this wild West family! Set in California’s San Joaquin valley, the story was based loosely on the Hill Ranch, which was located at the western edge of Calaveras County, not far from Stockton. The series ran from September 1965 to May 1969.

Now! Can you…



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