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He was standing in the doorway of Mrs. O’Neill’s counseling office looking for all the world like he should have been out in a field on a tractor somewhere. Wearing coveralls and heavy boots, he stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb in the admissions office. I wondered where he’d come from. He looked up to find me gawking at him then moved quickly into her small room as she closed the door. Arms full of file folders, I sauntered by and stole a quick peek through the glass. There was a girl with him. She looked to be about my age. Maybe he was playing chauffeur.

I was more than a little surprised then when the door opened again and Mrs. O’Neill came out asking for TWO entrance packets. Really? BOTH of them, I thought, peering beyond her at the two “country bumpkins” sitting in her office. I have no clue what look registered on my face just then, but I did feel a red tide creep up my neck into my cheeks. I turned away quickly to fetch the packets.

From my seat at the admissions desk I could easily see him. He  looked like he’d rather be anywhere but stuck in that tiny office with Mrs. O’Neill and his wife? No wedding ring. Turned out to be his sister.

His name was Arnold. His sister was Sharlene. When they had gone with Mrs. O’Neill to see the campus (and I use THAT term loosely), I looked over their class schedules. Mr. Executive? Seriously? I shook my head. It was very clear to me at that moment that he certainly wouldn’t fit in that preppy finishing class for men. He’d never make it, I thought, until a year later when he walked me down the hall at the hospital the night before I had my gall bladder out. He said goodbye at the elevator door, stepped in, then stepped quickly back out and planted a hurried and NOT well aimed kiss on my unprepared lips before jumping back through the closing door.

Turned out not only had he made it through a year of business school and a men’s fashion class, he’d also made it into my heart. And one year later we made it official. That was 45 years ago on the 21st of this month. 😀

There! For those of you who have asked a couple times how his lordship and I met, now you know the rest of the story!!! 😉



It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of Harula’s Wednesday Writer’s Wells. The prompts have been working with poetry and I TOTALLY suck at that! This week’s prompt, however, was “It was the first time…”

…I’d gone a vacation without his lordship and the kids.
…I’d taken an actual writing class.
…I’d flown on a plane.
…I’d met our new daughter,
…I’d met my husband.

I had this one covered! 😀