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Ok, ok… I admit, I picked a really easy one this time. But I wanted to kick off the last letter of the first half of the April A to Z Challenge with everyone on a high!!! I’m ASSUMING ya’ll got it? If not, it was:

Lost in Space


The “funny” thing about this series is that it DIDN’T start out to be a comedy, but Jonathan Harris’ villain was such a hoot they had to change their expectations just a wee bit! 😀

So with today’s letter we’re at the half-way point. Let’s pick your brain a little harder with this one…

Though it only ran for 26 episodes (1 season) in 1966-67, this family of five orphaned kids on their own in uncharted territory won my heart. Filmed on location in the Grand Teton National Park near Jackson, Wyoming (one of my most favorite places to visit AND we have a free life-time pass to the park!), the scenery was as great as the story line. Befriended by a Native American named Dirty Jim, this family not only survived, but thrived.

So what say you? Can you…

(Btw, if you know the answer, please keep it to yourself so as not to give it away. Stick a smiley face on your comment instead. Thank you so much!)



(Just a quick note. If the title of the show is preceded with the word “The”, it will NOT be included in the name.)

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