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Well! Seems this one was a bit of a challenge. 😀 Not surprised since it wasn’t on long at all, which I STILL can’t figure out. Be that as it may, the show was…

The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Robert Lewis Taylor, The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters featured Kurt Russell as Jaimie, Dan O’Herlihy as his father, “Doc” Sardius McPheeters, and Michael Witney and Charles Bronson as the wagon masters, Buck Coulter and Linc Murdock, respectively.

Taylor’s realistic novel with its Tom-Sawyer-like characters, was aimed at an adult audience and contained narratives that would have kept it off any school list at the time. In the series, the young Jaimie (spelled with two “i”s ’cause it’s French or Scottish) accompanies a wagon train headed from St. Louis, Missouri, to California after the 1849 Gold Rush. It chronicles his journey by wagon train with commentary by his father, a Scottish doctor with an gregarious personality whose judgment is often clouded by his weakness for gambling and strong drink. (Wonder what happened to the women? Oh wait! This was SUPPOSED to be a family show!)


Bit of trivia for your enjoyment: In nine episodes of the television series, four of The Osmond Brothers were cast as the singing sons of the Kissel family on the wagon train.

So were you able to figure it out??? 😀



And so the countdown begins! Day six and counting down of the April A to Z Challenge is the letter U. Now if you had a hard time with Jaimie up there, I DARE you to remember THIS series!

Another western that ran from 1958-1959, it was inspired by a 1939 film. The action starts in Nebraska and heads for Utah. It was a pretty realistic picture of life in the mid-west at the time and how hard it is for people to accept change. It was filmed at the Iverson’s Movie Ranch in Chatsworth in Los Angeles County, California where Boots and Saddles and Pony Express were also filmed. 

Good luck! What do you think? Can you…

(Btw, if you know the answer, please keep it to yourself so as not to give it away. Stick a smiley face on your comment instead. Thank you so much!)



(Just a quick note. If the title of the show is preceded with the word “The”, it will NOT be included in the name.)

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