I REALLY want to thank all you guys again for your wonderful support and notes and calls… I do have a bit of an update.

Had to have another ER visit Saturday night, BUT I finally got a diagnosis! Seems I have all the inflammation markers for Polymyalgia rheumatica. The weakness and stiffness in my neck, shoulders, arms, and hands are the usual symptoms. My biggest concern, however, was that it can affect your eyesight and cause blindness. For three or four days I have been seeing double. They put me on steroids and I need to find a a rheumatologist for oversight.

This is both mine and Arn’s worst nightmares. Me having to be at someone elses mercy and have myself looked after, Arn hating to be around sick people and having to actually look after someone!

I finally said to heck with it last night and took the next steroid pill six hours early. I think that may have been the right call. Woke up about 7 and feel like I have a bit more strength in my hands. I’m typing 2-handed right now, though my right hand is significantly weaker and my index finger doesn’t want to work. But it’s better. So this morning I’m cautiously optimistic. (Though it hasn’t helped my spelling!!!) I’m not using the oxygen at the moment, either. So fingers crossed! Anyway, I’m certainly learning the meaning of humility!

I’ve put everyone in my reader for now, so please know I haven’t abandoned you! I will be back on soon!!!

Love & Hugs,