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Martha over at Martha Reynolds Writes has taken up the Mantle of the Thirty Questions Quest! Being the adventurous sort that I am, I have decided to join the journey. I have my sidekick Percy and his backpack sitting on my shoulder, so here goes! (For those of you who don’t know Sir Percival Pack Rat, he is my traveling companion. 😀 He’s been patiently waiting for another adventure, quest, pilgrimage, whatever. 🙂 )


What did you want to be when you were a kid? First things first, an archaeologist (due in large part to my dad taking me to see Journey to the Center of the Earth several times at the movies and then signing me up for my first library card!)! Then a ballerina, an English teacher, and a writer.

Which Friends character do you relate to most? Why? Believe it or not, I never watched it!

Do you like your name? Why? Cheryl, yes. (Though I hate the Germanic variations of it.) In English it means dear one, darling; in French (which I love and which my favorite Aunt Frieda called me all the time though she pronounced it Cherry instead of Sher-rie, 😀 ) Cherie which means Beloved. Another favorite meaning is from Latin, Cara which means Beloved. (In Gaelic Cara means Friend. One of my favorite books is John O’Donohue’s, “Anam Cara.” It means Soul Friend.) My middle name is Diane which was very popular from 1944 to 1955. It means Divine. (And you thought fantasy games were a recent invention! See! My parents played! rolls eyes…)

Are you messy or neat? Messy with a fit of neatness every now and then. Especially when it comes to clusters of books!

How tall are you? I agree with Martha’s sentiments on this one! The first bone test I ever had I was 5’4″. I am beginning to return to the earth at 5’3″. Daa-um!

How tall were you when you were ten? 4’8″ maybe?

What is your guilty pleasure? An artist’s date at Starbucks with my pen and journal (or Chromebook), a raspberry mocha frappucino, and a piece of pumpkin bread. (And no, I shouldn’t be having either with so many carbs in them! That’s why I feel guilty!)

What are you saving money for now? A voyage around the UK.

How many Pringles can you eat at once? One or two. Salt is NOT my friend.

Tea or coffee? Coffee in the morning, tea during the day. (I agree!)

Are you an introvert or extrovert? I’d have to say I’m an ambivert. Introvert in new situations with folks I don’t know; extrovert with friends.

What will be your Halloween costume this year? Seriously? I’ll be at the movies. I don’t want to be responsible for rotting children’s teeth! Ok, well maybe the grandkiddos get a Halloween surprise. 😀 )

Sweet or salty? Definitely sweet. Draws me like a magnet!

Favorite social media? WordPress.

Who is the last person you kissed? His lordship.

What is your favorite breakfast? I usually prefer breakfast for supper. Bacon, eggs, hash browns, and whole wheat toast. I don’t LIKE to eat breakfast of any kind, period. Having been sick this past 6 weeks, however, has introduced me to Ensure Boost (and Ensure’s various incarnations). The diabetes doc is always on my case about not getting enough protein. There’s 19 grams in one of those suckers, they come in chocolate, and I can drink them! I’m now a fan, sick or not!

When is your birthday? Sorry. You just missed it. I was too sick to give a hoot…

When did you start your blog? October 11, 2014.

What is your opinion on the Kardashians? Who? Is that a kind of wool for a sweater like argyle?

How would you describe your style? Definitely a jeans and t-shirt gal, even at church (unless we’re on a cruise where I love to play dress up and pretend to be rich when we go to dinner wearing my cheap Walmart separates and costume jewelry 😀 ).

What color is your hair? Light wheat blonde with a touch of gray beginning at the sides by my ears.

What color socks are you wearing? None. Barefoot is my preferred way to stay in touch with my surroundings.

What is your dream job? To own an Irish-Italian Pub and be able to ask my customers at the bar, “What ales ye tonight, matey?” 😉

Dogs or cats? His lordship. But I like most four-legged animals, too. Unless they want to eat me.

What makes you weird? Pondering. My sister says I ponder WAY too much.

Celebrity crush? Tom Selleck, Tom Mison, Hugh Jackman, Kurt Russell, Harrison Ford, Adrian Paul…

Opinion on cigarettes? Tried them once. Got sick. (Thankfully! Otherwise dad would have made me smoke a cigar!) Never looked back. Although when I’d go to Denny’s with friends I’d light one up and hold it just to fit in. 😀 And living in Utah, which is a smoke-free environment in most establishments, it’s quite the experience to go out of state and smell smoke everywhere again. When we go to Wendover, Nevada or Las Vegas, we walk through the casinos and I feel like I need to take a bath and throw out my clothes. (Still would be willing to give weed a shot though! 😀 )

Do you want/have any children? Two! Brandon (38) and Stefanie (35). His lordship wanted a baseball team. Thank GOD, God knew I was prone to fits of anxiety!!!

Three favorite boy’s names. Brandon, Liam, Colin.

Three favorite girl’s names. Stefanie (with an f), Kathrine (Katie), Evynne.


Alrighty then! Does anyone else want to join the merry band? 😀 Just leave your link in the comments section. (And thanks, Martha, for inviting us along!)


Picture Sources:
Percy — moi
Legos — Flickr