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SO! The guys give me the evil eye every time I pull this little book out to start a discussion. Too bad because I think there’s some great little questions in this little book. Like…

If you could suddenly possess an extraordinary talent in one of the arts, what would you like it to be?

This is an easy question for me, but also a hard one to pin down a specific answer to. The area of talent would definitely be music. And for a very selfish reason. I would like to be able to express my joys and triumphs and sorrows and longings through music. There’s a part of me that has always thought if I could do that I would feel so much more harmonious within myself.

The harder part for me is picking what instrument I’d love to play! I actually began playing the violin in third grade and would have loved to continue — but for stage fright! I bought a beautiful antique upright piano that has turned into a beautiful piece of furniture after two years of piano lessons (at 52) which I sucked at. The other instrument would be the cello. I love a mellow cello. But then I also love a mellow sax. AND a mellow French horn…

See what I mean? Perhaps I should take up the accordion? Move over Lawrence Welk!

What about you? How would YOU answer that question?



Picture Source:Β The Odyssey Online