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I’ve just recently come to the unexpected conclusion that, for me, sometimes the dream is much more fulfilling than the reality. Reality seldom lives up to my expectations. Whether it’s an old-fashioned family Christmas together, knowing how to be a 4-Star grandma, a stellar budgetary of all things pertaining to retirement, people’s behavior, or a long dreamed of vacation.

It always seems I get to these places and end up standing there with my mouth opening mumbling, “What the heck just happened? Where’d my dream go???”

I’ve written about this tendency of mine before, but faced with the opportunity to roll our cancelled cruise over to next May, I’m wondering if I really ever wanted to go, or if it just served as the light at the end of the tunnel that kept me moving forward.

This illness that blindsided us has made me doubt what I thought I wanted all these years. I was reading Jeanne’s blog yesterday over at Doodle T: A Lifestyle Blog for Finding Magic Everyday, and it made me wonder if I really am missing an awful lot right here in my own backyard and surroundings. She was talking about staycations, and it made me wonder if on some smaller scale there isn’t a way for me to have all those things I want without having to make such a big production out of it. Have I been thinking too big?

Well, we have a decision to make now about putting the cruise off or cancelling altogether. Thanks, Jeanne, for bringing a little perspective to my thinking this weekend!



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