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It’s  been awhile since I attempted to actually write a post. I’m finding that the prednisone I’m on has my thoughts befuddled a lot. Trouble focusing, reading, formulating sentences. I think my family is somewhat disturbed that I’m not getting back into the swing of things on here.

Last night his lordship came home with a new book for me. “712 More Things To Write About.” It was his way of nudging me to get back on here. And as much as I appreciate it, it takes a certain kind of prompt to make me want to write. Personal, reflective… I’m pretty sure they don’t really get it. That’s ok. It’s the thought that counts. He also brought me home one of those grabber/reacher thingies to keep from face-planting in my chair the way I did a few days ago! LOL Now THAT’S a practical gift I can appreciate!

It’s been 13 days now since they restarted the med. I’m still struggling to go up and down stairs. When I can conquer THAT I will feel like I’m making good progress. Another nine days till I see the neurologist again and he decides whether to add the med behind door #2 as well. Got my fingers crossed that I can avoid that one since to do so would mean I have a mild case of this Myaesthenia Gravis.

In the meantime, a second one of the ladies I’ve visited for years through church has passed quietly away into the great beyond. Right now Jan is no doubt talking someone’s ears off! She’s 87 and always had a lot to say. This is the second memorial service I’ve missed for one of my gals. It feels wrong not having any closure, so I’m just mentioning it on here. She was a sweetheart who lived a part of her life in Ireland, and I always loved seeing her pictures and hearing her talk about it, about trying to raise an “American” family there.

Her last year has been very difficult with dementia and several falls. But she never lost her spunk — and especially her constant curiosity. I want to be like that. I want to walk into whatever is beyond and think “What the heck! That’s not what I was expecting! Who is in charge here???” I can just hear her now. 😀

So for my friend Jan, today, I squirm out of my box where I’ve been hiding and try to take her mantle on my shoulders. She was a hell of a woman. Love you Jan.