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I’m just catching up for tonight on reading my A Year With Rilke devotional book, and the quote for today really struck me and made me think. I can tell it will stick with me for awhile.

The tragedy of nations is perhaps this: that eve the best rulers use up a piece of their people’s future. (Ranier Maria Rilke) 


I wonder if that’s true and how, exactly, that plays out… Any ideas? Or am I just being fanciful?

I remember the first time we visited Washington D.C. You can’t help but be impressed and overwhelmed by the beautiful monuments and museums. And yet when we drove back to our daughter’s through the surrounding neighborhoods, I was struck by how the poor surround those monuments. Poor housing, poor schools, etc. There have been many journalists who have covered their problems. Even Bill Gates had gone in and given the schools tons of computers to help enable students.

Inside one of the museums we visited was a painting of the pyramids at Gaza. It plainly showed the slums of the workers that had sprung up around the pyramids. As we drove home I couldn’t escape the feeling that history had repeated itself again… It made an indelible impression on me.

I never fail to think of that trip on the 4th of July when so many sacrificed so much for this country…



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