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I have never in my life seen so many people in such weird red, white, and blue get-ups. I thought I was at Walmart, but turned out I was at Smiths! OML!

Life is getting back to some semblance of abnormal here, though his lordship and Bran have had to declare a prednisone free ZONE here where they’re safe!!! Little miss Sally Smiles to the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid in a matter of seconds!!! The thought of being on this the rest of my life scares the beejeebers out of me!!! The neurologist did, in fact, warn us about that when we saw him the first time. I think he understated the issue!

ANYWAY, for MY 4th of July, TODAY I learned how to drive a handicap cart at Smiths!!! (You can tell by the !!! that I’ve just recently had my dose of ZONE for today…) Trying to shop that way nearly drove me nuts! NEVER AGAIN! Even if I have to make ten short trips to the store to get ‘er done! I don’t care if there’s no food in the house for another two months. HL insisted on walking in front of me like a turtle and talking to me. I couldn’t hear a word he was saying so was constantly saying, “What? Huh?” And he was getting SO exasperated. (He was pushing a second cart.) It was the worst shopping experience I’ve ever had in all my life.

I’m pretty meticulous when I grocery shop. Lists, menus, the whole nine yards. I take my calculator and add it up as I go so I don’t go over budget, and here he is today just throwing stuff in the cart and HOPING I’m hearing prices he’s hollerin’ back to me. I know folks must have thought we’d gone round the bend! Here’s your 4th of July entertainment people!!!

By the time we got home and got it all put away, I was half dead. BUT, praise be, I made it up the stairs under my own steam! Had a Lime Pilsner beer that Bran bought me the other day, took my afternoon meds, and crashed for two hours with some weird “ground-hog day” type movie playing on my tablet. After that, said son got home from work and we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Very low key. I’m not quite sure what kind of day all that makes this, but given the shopping experience I’d say somewhere around a C+/B-?
And how was YOUR day today???
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