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I keep flipping through this little book finding the most off-the-wall questions. This one caught me by surprise because I knew EXACTLY what one I would choose! Seriously!!! Here’s your question for the day…

If you could have one meal from your past exactly as it was, which would you repeat?

Our son had just gotten married in Florida. The whole thing had been a logistical nightmare on so many levels, plus the evening left me with a heartbreak that has taken years to heal. Two days later Arn and I dropped Bran and Mariel off at Port Canaveral for our gift to them, a weekend honeymoon cruise. There was SO much tension in the air we wondered if we’d survive the whole ordeal…

Instead of going back to Orlando to catch a plane and hightail it home, Arn (who was having the time of his life cruising around in a Nissan Armada) and I headed for Cocoa Beach, where we had reservations at The Inn at Cocoa Beach (yeah, I know, lame…) When we finally got settle in there on the ocean (right outside our room), we fell apart. We sat and stared at each other for a long time then decided we really ought to get some dinner.


It was late, but we found this wonderful restaurant, Gregory’s Steak & Seafood Grille. I can honestly say we had the best steak we’ve ever had that night. But it was the conversation over dinner that defined the meal. For the first night in our life we were “empty-nesters” (well, for a few months), and so much conversation came pouring out of us that we didn’t shut up for a good two or more hours. Good things, bad things, hopes, dreams, heartaches about the wedding… It was without doubt the best candle light dinner we’ve ever had as we shed so much molting, emotional skin.

How I wish we could do that on a regular basis, but there was just something so different about that night. It was the end of our beginning as a “family,” and turned out to also be the beginning of the end for our “empty-nester” experience as the kids moved in with us in Utah four months later.

We went back to the hotel and wandered along the beach, sat on our patio and listened to the waves for hours as they washed all the stress away. It truly was a magical night for us.

So how about YOU? Do YOU have a special meal you’d love to “do-over?”


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