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It’s 5:34 a.m. I’ve been awake since about 4:00. Everyone says prednisone is a wonder drug, but it sure as heck doesn’t let me sleep for more than about five hours at a shot. And it seems that when I wake this early, my mind is most clear for the day. So here I am. Figured it was dumb to just stay in bed all these mornings…

Struggling with the symptoms of all these little antibodies running around inside me has somewhat altered my perspective on my life. It’s reminded me that we really don’t know from one minute to the next what the day, hours, minutes will hold for us. Like being blindsided by this MG.

I’ve thought a lot the past couple months about what “things” in my life are most important. Not mainly material things, though Lord knows I’m one of those moms who has treasured (and probably kept) every scribble their kid ever made on a paper. 😀 No, I’ve been thinking about the more intangible things. The people and experiences who have enriched my life and leave their treasures inside me. The treasures I can really sift through, smile about, take comfort from remembering.

Yesterday was not a great day, and I kind of needed one of those moments, so since Bran didn’t have to work, I pulled out an old movie he and I used to watch over and over when he was nine or ten — Megaforce. We settled into the TV room and tried to decide if this was a C-rated movie or cutting edge for 1982.

Never heard of it? It was a sci-fi story about a rapid deployment defense unit that is called into action whenever freedom is threatened. Talk about cheesy! Or was it? Though it had a pretty high budget ($20 million), the movie made only $3 million at the box office. It had no credited costume designer as all the clothes were designed by the toy company Mattel! The cars and motorbikes, however, were designed by William Fredrick, who worked on the movie Hooper (another one of my favorites with Burt Reynolds and Sally Field). He delivered them after eight months work and a cost of $1 million but they all actually worked! (See! High tech for that time!) The film was shot on location in Nevada. It pioneered the use of Introvision, a system that allows actors to walk in and out of photographs instead of sets. It was used to create the headquarters for the private army. Ok, so that was more info than you wanted to know! LOL

But the reason the movie is one of those special treasures for me is because of a little ritual Bran started after seeing it. In one scene a character is accosted by a rattler. After being asked by Captain Hunter (Barry Bostwick) how BIG the “no shoulders” was, Dallas (Michael Beck) holds out his hands and Hunter says, “Ooo… That’s a big one!” And for some reason that stuck with Brandon. For years after that, whenever he’d give me a birthday card or such, on the bottom he’d put XXXOOO with an arrow pointing to one of the O’s and scribble, “Ooo… That’s a big one!” 

So that movie has always been “ours.” Watching it yesterday with him after probably ten years was a real trip in the “Way Back Machine” and exactly what I needed. It helped get me through the day. Was the best medicine I could have had. 😀


(And, btw, Stef and I have a movie, too. It’s While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. We saw it on a mommy/daughter dinner date!)

What special treasures do YOU have tucked away in your memory to feed your heart when you’re running low on inspiration or motivation?





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