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It’s one of those mornings when I just can’t sleep. Woke up at 4:00, stayed in bed till 5:21. That’s as long as I could lay there. So in an effort to push through this veil of wordless confusion I’m muddling around in, I picked up an actual pen and scribbled what came to mind without doing too much thinking about it. I was surprised I actually got some words on the paper! Maybe that’s the ticket! I just have to circumnavigate while I’m half asleep! And I like what I wrote to boot! Not classy, but definitely what I feel…



my mind drifts through filmy cobwebs
seeing — but not seeing;
chasing words, thoughts, notions
clear one minute, blotted out by
medicated confusion the next

like a Stepford Wife
i go through my day by rote
doing — but not doing,
existing but unaware,
wondering where i’ve gone
in this foggy badland of my mind,
unable to settle my eyes
on the direction of the horizon —

a blank page…
and i’ve no clue
how to begin to write


OML! I actually wrote something!!!


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