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Just had to reblog Lori’s most excellent post! And I would add another word in there we need to be aware of: privacy. While TV and the internet certainly have their place in keeping us informed of what’s going on in these disasters, it’s also true (in my opinion) that we’ve become a nation of voyeurs sucking the emotions of folks who should be left to their grief without having those mics stuck in their faces. I would have answered, “How the hell do you think I feel, idiot!” That’s a BIG pet peeve of mine. News media is entirely too intrusive.


I love words. The textures, the shapes, popping p’s and sharp t’s, languorous l’s and sighing h’s. I reckon most writers love words. But we also know that words are powerful. You remember the old schoolyard chant: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Flagrant lie. And secretly, we all know it.

There ought to be a retirement home for words that no longer serve us, words that have changed meaning over time, or worn out their old meanings. “Meet,” for instance. Sure, we still use “meet” quite a bit — “I will meet you for lunch,” “Tommy has a swim meet” — but we no longer use it to mean “proper” or “appropriate,” as in “it is right and meet that we should join this couple in matrimony.” That’s okay. “Meet” still has a lot of life left in it. But words that…

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