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It started out as a spider hunt. A big one! A Black Widow was spotted hanging out in Brandon’s bedroom. And wouldn’t you know it, I got bit! Oh, not by the spider but by  Amy Harke-Moore at A Rural Girl Writes (7 Day Decluttering Challenge) and Martha Reynolds at Martha Reynolds Writes (The Year of Living Minimally). Amy and Martha are off on a cleaning spree, something I would generally tackle during the spring. Autumn cleaning? Downright weird to me. I’m usually ordering my surroundings to settle into hibernation this time of year.

But to make sure there wasn’t a family of spiders sharing that bedroom, we ended up totally taking everything out, sorting through unwanted “stuff”, cleaning carpets, and finally adding a couple new bookcases and a new headboard to the bed. Fortunately we didn’t find any more family members ensconced anywhere, though we did find quite a few other kinds of spiders. So all-in-all it was a good thing. We sprayed, and Brandon isn’t expecting anymore “house guests” as the cold weather gets underway.

That’s when I got bit! Here I’d been reading these wonderful blogs, and suddenly I was seized (yes, it was just like that) by the desire to follow their lead. AND it just so happened we had a rummage sale coming up at church this past weekend. Seemed like a sign to me! (I’m a big believer in signs! 😀 )

So off we went, sorting, cleaning carpet, loading up the truck, and hauling a ton of stuff away to church (though we still have a recliner and a matching chair and stool  we’re going to donate to Restore, a business run by Habit For Humanity that restores things to sell to support HFH). That project has taken us two weeks, and I’m pooped! But it’s done, and Bran is SO glad to be off the air mattress on the floor in the library!

So, Martha and Amy, I want you to know your blogging has NOT been in vain! At least one of your readers was extremely inspired by your productivity!!! Carry on, supergals!!! 😀


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