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WARNING! I’m ornery this morning!

But first I’m EXTREMELY relieved that my friend Colleen and her family were not at that concert. I nearly choked when we heard the news as it was happening. They were safely ensconced at home glued to the TV. Her daughter-in-law is in town visiting from Hawaii and has been staying on the strip. But it just so happened she had decided to stay with Colleen and Chuck that night. Thank God!

The other thing has just made me half crazy. That’s all the crap that was going around on social media, what people were saying about who did this. Let me say it in a few words.

Had this been a black person, he would have been labeled a thug (or worse).
Had this been a Muslim, he would have been labeled a terrorist.
These SM people even went so far as to name names with absolutely no basis!

But because it turned out to be a white guy from Mesquite, all of a sudden the neighbors are saying what a wonderful, quiet man he was, and that he loved country music!

Do you know what white privilege is? Have you ever seen it in action? Well take a good look.


There! I feel better!


Picture Source: Odyssey