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Lucy Blackmur

I was over visiting Anna Cottage’s blog last Friday and she had posted a poem I could really, REALLY identify with. She said she didn’t know much about the author, and I neglected to ask where she read the poem. But she graciously said I could borrow it for this week’s Friday Favorites. Trouble is, I couldn’t find anything on Lucy at all either! Though I did find the poem posted on one website: Loving. Healing. Touching. Family Friend Poems.

Still, I loved the poem. It seems to me it could be in response to a funeral gathering or something, but the truth is, I feel this way a lot in a room full of people. Even family. So obviously it touched something primal in me. Does it you?

Here’s a little bit of commentary that was posted with the poem…


Poem About Uncomfortable Silence

I wrote this poem about uncomfortable silence and how it makes you feel alone and awkward, like nobody wants to talk to you and know how you feel. I often write sad poems like this. The type of poems I write express my feelings about different things.




© Lucy Blackmur

Published: March 2015

Enveloping the room,
Leaving everybody isolated.
Nothing to do, nothing to say,
Just silence.

Leaving an uncomfortable feeling,
With even those you are closest to.
So close to talking,
Yet so far.
Just silence.

Cold, dark, and alone,
Your feelings bottled up.
Your thoughts screaming to get out,
Wrapped up in your own world.
Inconsolable and suffering,
Just silence.

Picture Source: ClipartBarn
Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/silence-16