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Lordy! Here it is Monday already and I’m still struggling with the first seven words of this prompt! Ok… Well here goes nothin’!

My perception of myself has changed A LOT over the last six months. Since being diagnosed with pneumonia, an autoimmune disorder, and A-fib, I’ve really had to struggle with my own mortality and my place in this family and other areas of my life. Having the experience of having my heart stopped briefly so they could take a picture of what was happening was life-changing for me in that all of a sudden some things that before would have seem SO important now seemed rather inconsequential. The upshot of that was I began “taking my hands off” stuff that didn’t matter so much.

I guess I began to see myself as a person who wasn’t all that materialistic when push came to shove. That felt like a relief. I also discovered — though I NEVER in a million years thought I was — that I am vain! Being on a blood thinner now, and having very thin skin from thyroid issues, if you sneeze on me I bruise! Ugly big bruises on very pale skin…Β  A few people have looked at me over the months as if they want to ask who the heck beat me up! It’s very uncomfortable. And I never thought I’d be that aware of how I looked.

So there’s a few thoughts. Now on to THE LISTS!

If you were asked to choose seven words to describe yourself, what would they be?
Vain — covered that one already…
Inquisitive — I like this about me. I feel like as long as I’m learning, I’m growing. When I stop learning, then I’ll know I’m in trouble!
Obstinate — I’ve discovered over the past six months that if I disagree with you I’m going to make your life miserable! (That’s all I’m going to say on the matter! πŸ™‚ )
Cautious — I normally have been one to rush in where angels fear to tread, but this whole immune thing has slowed me down a lot and made me far less inclined to step out in certain situations. Especially where people are ill.
Ambivert — I’m a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features. It all depends on who I’m with.
Surprise-aphobic — PLEASE do not try to surprise me. I’m very jumpy these days. But it’s not just a physical thing. I truly like to have all my ducks in a row so I can know where to watch for the duck poop! My walking is none too stable these days!
Compassionate — I have a tendency to put myself in everyone’s shoes. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad. But it’s like that with every person’s characteristics. There’s an upside and a downside. I try always to treat others the way I would want to be treated, and to respect them enough to let them have their own voice.

If you were asked to choose seven objects that have meaning for you, what objects would you choose?
My wedding rings (which are 45 years old this year!).
The water color beach scene my son Brandon painted for me a few months ago.
The black and white chalk drawing of a ballerina and her partner that my daughter Stef did for me in high school.
The Bible my grandparents gave me in 1963. The white leather is cracked from use. It’s a true treasure.
The metal-plated New Testament my dad carried in his shirt pocket during the war.
The teapot my mother’s favorite brother brought her back from the war.
A beryl stone from my darling Elven Kim who resides in Australia.
My acrylic, laser cut Rondel of a rose that says “More today than yesterday, less than tomorrow…” from his nibs. (Yes, I KNOW that’s eight, but I HAD to slip that in there.)

If you were asked to choose seven colors that have meaning for you, what colors would you choose?
Green — because it’s life-giving, like the forest.
Purple — the color of violets which I love.
Red — His nibs likes me in red. πŸ˜‰
Black — Ditto.
Blue — the color of the ocean.
White — feels like purity.
Teal — that special combination of green and blue that actually makes me shiver. (I swear! It has a physical affect on me. That’s why I had to have all those teal-colored Christmas ornaments for my beach Christmas tree!)

If you were asked to choose seven places that have meaning for you, what places would you choose?
The ocean — it calls me…
The forest — I can breathe fully in a forest…
Gardner Village — a tourist trap about 60 miles from here. Love going there with the girls.
Church — a place where I know I will always be accepted for who I am.
Family cabin — built in 1965, it is imprinted with the history of everyone in our family.
Jackson, Wyoming — a place his nibs and I like to go to see the Bar J Wranglers and Teton National Park. (And if you go in the Cowboy Bar you MAY see Harrison Ford! πŸ˜€ )
Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, MA — I fell in love with this re-creation of the Plimoth Colony in 2000 when my partner-in-crime (think Thelma and Louise — though I’m not sure which is which. We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember which one of us was the bad influence) and I went to stay in a lighthouse and wandered over there. I was excited to finally get his nibs there in 2010. SO much history!

OML! I wrote a book! (I wonder what I did last time…)



In response to The Sandbox Writing Challenges 2018.

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