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The Sandbox Writing Challenge — Exercise 2

It’s all about Balance. Do you consider yourself a balanced person? What are some of the things you do on a daily, weekly, etc. basis to keep yourself balanced? If you don’t feel you are, what can you do to help you find some of that needed balance.

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My response to this prompt HAS to be very different than what it was last time. In August 2015 I was busy bustin’ my keister with something every day. The problem with balance THEN was I wasn’t staying home and getting any chillaxing down time. This year the idea of balance is two-fold – physical and mental.

This year I’m stuck at home unless someone pops round to spend the day or take me out to play. It feels like all I HAVE is peace and quiet. The physical part of it is my actual balance which sucks at the moment. Thank God I’m a weeble! I daresn’t bend over too far, however. Last time that happened I went head first into our wing-back chair. Could have been a lot worse! (I can drive. The balance doesn’t affect me when I’m sitting. But I’m stuck without a car at the moment.)

And my attitude has been kind of yucky, as has that of his nibs and the little prince. The three of us are rather discouraged and have a tendency to see ourselves as sad victims, though I’m handling things much better now on a low dose of antidepressant. But we’ve all been so negative that I figured an intervention was in order. We MUST start seeing our blessings or life is just going to continue to get us down and make us sad.

So in an effort to achieve some balance, I bought a lovely blue canning jar and pasted the words “One Good Thing” on it. I cut up small pieces of paper, rubber banded them together and stuck them in it with a pen. The deal is, every day we are supposed to write one good thing that happened that day, date it, fold it up, and put it in the jar. The idea is that on New Year’s Eve we’ll take them out and read ‘em and hopefully realized we had a pretty good year!

Well…so far I’m the only one making an effort. And you know, I feel good doing it. I find myself smiling when I write something down. And if they don’t do it, it’s their loss. Then to cap things off, I wrote out a prayer for myself for this year (and edited to be used on our Facebook page at church). This is what I wrote:

Dearest Father, During this season of Lent, may we be reminded of the seasons that run through the Cathedral of Nature and through the Sanctuaries and Holy Places of our Hearts. As we draw near to you in the Stillness of Winter, let us remember we are only resting, that deep inside the winter’s hush You are stirring us up with love and passion and wisdom in anticipation of the Easter Resurrection of our Lord and of our lives. Give us endurance, patience, and trust as we await the coming of the new birth of Spring. And teach us how to say “Yes” to the work of the Creator unfolding in the fertile ground of our hearts and lives. Amen.


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