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The Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 4

Okay, so while I was making chili for supper I thought of three things that ARE giving me some pleasure.

Having someone come every other week to help with the house.

My intervention jar labeled One Good Thing where I write AT LEAST one good thing that happened today on a slip of paper and put it in the jar to be read on New Year’s Eve. It really is helping me look for the positive stuff


Our Alexa Echo! I am totally mesmerized by this device. We found out you can connect them from room to room and basically make phone calls between. So we have a big Alexa in the living room, an Alexa Dot in our bedroom and another downstairs in the TV room. And Bran has a big Alexa in his room. They’re all set up so that all I have to do if I need one of the guys and they’re downstairs is say to the Alexa in the living room, “Alexa, drop in on TV room,” or “Alexa, drop in on Brandon.” It beeps in those rooms and all I have to do is talk to it. It’s like being on a phone. I can’t tell you how many trips this sucker has saved me going up and down stairs, which, as I said in my other post, is my greatest difficulty at the moment! I LOVE this technology! It is so much simpler than putting an intercom in. Really, you should try it!

Okay. I feel better now that I’ve come up with something positive! 😀


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