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I love trees. They are one of my two favorite things in all the world (that being the forest and ocean — preferably where the forest MEETS the ocean…). As I was standing in the window just now waving goodbye as his nibs drove off to work, something about our General Mapleon caught my eye. (He comes from a long line of aristocratic Super-form Norway Maples. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

You see we had our first REAL snowfall of the winter day before yesterday. Got about 6″ out of it. Now standing there looking at the ground around Sir M.’s trunk I was struck by how there are patches of bare grass nestled among the white stuff. I noticed that the bare patches kind of ran in a line out from the tree, and it dawned on me the healthiest roots of the tree probably ran along those lines, closer to the surface where they can get the most moisture and light. (The General is a pretty big fellow!) (Oh, and I could be TOTALLY wrong about those roots! But don’t tell me. Let me have my fantasy!)

As your gaze moves further out from the tree, there are less and less bare places and more snow. And I had this thought that my life is a lot like that. The roots of my life that are the healthiest are the ones I’ve worked hard to feed and nurture. I’ve kept them close to the surface of my being where they could get the best nutrients. But I have to say there’s an awful lot of snow-covered issues I struggle with every day trying to bring them to the light. I know a lot of them will always be there, but I will continue to aerate and fertilize the ground beneath in the hopes that as I do my life, inside and out, will continue to grow into healthy self-care and be a positiveย force not only in my life, but the lives of those around me…


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