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The Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 8


This week’s writing challenge is a little more thought provoking. We all have our ideas about it, but after reading this prompt I realized mine were actually pretty vague — if I have any ideas about it at all! And yet it’s there in the back of my mind because I can definitely tell when I violate my own ideals! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

So tell us, would you please, what is YOUR idea of…

I’ve not gone back and read any of my posts from the first time through Roberta Allen’s book, but I can almost guess this one focused on everything I felt was wrong with me.

Well, I’ve learned a thing or three since then, and my thoughts about perception aren’t even along those lines. First thing that came to me was that the idea that perfection was just a concept. What I concluded was that perfection is the killer of creativity. When we talk about perfection in regards to appearance or projects or any number of  things, we’re really just talking about dissatisfaction and heartache. I decided I don’t want to go down that path anymore.

But one thing I did know — especially from writing a 90,000-word manuscript — is that perfectionism had me doing complete chapters over and over again because I needed them to be picture perfect. There was just no freedom in that. Finally I stopped and just let go. And during NaNoWriMo 2013 I wrote an entire book in 30 days. And more importantly, I had fun! (Now if I could just bring myself to edit those first three rewritten chapters!)

So I don’t look at that word perfection the same anymore. And I’m VERY happy with my definition!


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