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Name one new thing you learned yesterday.
Describe what you learned 
and how this experience made you feel…


I love this question! NCIS : New Orleans is one of my favorite TV series, and I get a kick out of Scott Bakula (Special Agent Dwayne Pride) when he tells his team to “Go! Learn things!” It’s a great character tag and one I subscribe to, especially on vacations! What’s the point of vacations if not to learn things??? (Image: Scott “Dwayne Pride” Bakula and Mark “Jethro Gibbs” Harmon.)

Be that as it may, I was doing a little background research for the upcoming A to Z Challenge and discovered that (for those of you who can remember BACK that far) Kris Harmon Nelson, Ricky Nelson’s wife, both on camera and off, is the sister of NCIS’s (another favorite of mine) Mark Harmon (Agent Jethro Gibbs). Now how’s THAT for learning something interesting? (I didn’t say it necessarily needed to be earth-shattering or useful! 😀 ) As I was reading about this I discovered there was a big family feud when the Nelson’s divorced involving a custody battle between Mark Harmon and Kris Nelson. I kind of went “Wow! And another great TV family from my childhood bites the dust.” It made me feel sad.

So what did YOU learn yesterday???


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