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Today’s the BIG day for the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal! So exciting! This year my category is Entertainment and my Theme is: The Music Men in My Little Girl’s Life.

My dad was a musician. I was raised on all kinds of music and spent a lot of rehearsal time sitting on a bar stool at the club (when it was closed, btw) with a glass of Coke and a blue and white swizzel stick to sip through. The club was Welcome Inn, and there was no place on earth I would rather have been! I spent quite a few hours learning to play the drums with Chet (back in the left corner). To this day I love to go hear the Taiko drummers and feel the beat through my feet like I did on the stage at the club.

My dad’s been gone 20 years this year, but those memories are still so close to my heart. Music was the reason my bedroom was plastered with pictures of all the artists I was in emotional love affairs with over the years! 😀 (Much to my sister’s dismay as she had to share a room with me.)

I realized a couple things as I thought about that time in my life. One, that I was NOT really drawn to American groups — save Paul Revere and the Raiders. I saw them often at the amusement park near our house — Lagoon. It was the “happening” place in the 60’s. Also, as I listened to these songs I couldn’t help but realize I had some of the words wrong, and how they pert near ALL objectified women! Oh my gosh!

At any rate, my dad always took an interest in the music I liked. He even admitted to liking a lot of it. So I thought this year I would dedicate this challenge to him. He is still my main music man. There was one song he would always sing that made me cry (besides Old Shep). The first time I remember him singing it to me was when I had chickenpox and they believed back then you shouldn’t go outside in the bright light because it would make you go blind. He sang it to me to keep me quiet and on the couch. The last time he sang it to me was in 1989 when we visited my folks in Arizona where they always went for the summer. It still makes me cry…


`But as I said, my Theme for this Challenge is “The Music Men in My Little Girl’s Life…” Each post will tell just a smidge about the artist and the song. Can’t wait to get started!



In response to the April A to Z Challenge.