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I’m still trying to catch up from last week. My head is clearing as I come off this prednisone, but I STILL need to make lists so I don’t forget things. And I DID forget my Saturday Sound Bites! I’ve also been working hard on some prayer material for Holy Week at church, AND we were gone overnight to hear our son Brandon give his first sermon at a new church. He did great! So it was a busy week for me. Now it’s time to get back to business!

So belated, but here, I present Saturday Sound Bites!


For this prompt we were supposed to write down our most favorite, most daring dream on a piece of paper, fold it up, put it in a glass bottle, and throw it in the sea. Now obviously some of us can’t do that. (I COULD throw mine into the Salt Lake, but I don’t want to have to wade through the brine shrimp to do that!!!)

So an alternative would be to offer it up as a sacrifice, a not uncommon ritual of mine left over from retreat days where we’d write our request or prayer on paper then burn it in a metal bowl. Either way the idea is to offer it up to God or the universe or who ever you reverence, let go of it, and just wait and see if anything comes to fruition.

But I found it interesting that Anais Nin used the visual of a kite in her quote because you either WILL or WON’T let go of the kite string. Still pondering on that.

Be that as it may, I figured we could still share what that big dream might be for us.

Sometimes I think big dreams are most useful for drawing us along into the future. Giving us hope. There’s a quote from the movie “Shirley Valentine” that has always stuck with me (after I got over all the tears it elicited when saw it). Shirley, who has kind of run away to find herself, is sitting by the sea pondering. She muses, “Why does God give us all these dreams if he never intends us to use them?”

For me to do this exercise I would HAVE to let go of that kite string and forget it because one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, is that nothing is set in concrete… Except taxes and death, unfortunately. The other thing I’ve discovered is that those dreams have a way of changing as we age.

So right now my BIG dream would be to remodel our house so that we could live as “easily” as possible for the rest of our lives. Not speaking money-wise, but convenience-wise. To wit I have been reorganizing cupboards and moving everything down to where I don’t have to ask for as much help when trying to maneuver in the kitchen. Seem like a silly big dream?

So what about you? Care to share what your CURRENT big dream is?


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