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When I was in high school I took an art class. We learned about Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging. About the only thing I remember from it was that a good Japanese flower arrangement has three levels: low flowers, mid flowers, and high flowers (though I’m sure those are NOT the technical terms for them — it will be my 50th reunion next year so how the heck can I remember?).

Add to that the fact that my sister Cindy got all the crafty genes in our family, and I couldn’t arrange myself out of a paper bag! Doesn’t stop me from trying, however. I love to change silk plants in the house with the seasons. But I’m cheap, to boot. So when I put something new together I usually only buy one stem of three or four kinds of flowers and either cut them apart or try to intertwine the single stems so they actually look like I attempted to arrange something.

(Don’t laugh now!) So when it felt like Spring early this year I got antsy and decided to go ahead and try to do a Spring arrangement. Truth is I took far less time with this one than any I’ve ever done. I threw some colored glass pebbles in the bottom of a vase and just stuck the stems of flowers and pussy willows and dandelions in the thing. But here’s the deal. I’ve been sitting here staring at it for over a month, and as messy and unattractive as it is, I am very drawn to it. There’s just something about it that makes me FEEL.

Then yesterday I had an epiphany. I realized the darn thing looks just like I feel inside! Scattered. Loose. An airhead. Meds will do that to ya. These particular thoughts stick out over there, another group pops up over here. Some thoughts get entangled and ALMOST start to make complete sense… Can’t explain it better than that, but I feel a great kinship with that vase of silk flowers. And I love it! I find it familiarly comforting. Not that anyone needs to know this for any particular reason. I think I just needed to keep track of these thoughts before they floated off into space and flowered somewhere else again!


Picture Source:
Japanese flower arrangement — Pinterest
Silk flowers — moi