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It’s that time again. The 2018 A to Z Challenge is getting under way! But before I get on with it, I’d like to thank the great support team for the lovely gifts they sent me for winning the A to Z Challenge contest this year. A contest I didn’t even know there was I am so clueless — or maybe just focused?

I received a very nice journal and pen and pencil set with an LED flashlight for when I’m hunting in the dark for inspiration! An idea book for writing interesting posts of all kinds on social media. An Philadelphia Eagles key chain, bottle opener, fingernail cutters which I had to hide since they beat his nibs New England Patriots in the Superbowl! A cute little minion sticker, and some lovely postcard from Pennsylvania Amish Country — which I truly appreciated as I’m from Ohio and have spent a fair amount of time in Millersburg and Walnut Creek in Amish country there. BEAUTIFUL photo moments. If you ever get there, be sure  to stop into Lehman’s Hardware. They have everything under the sun! Oh! And don’t miss Heinis’s Cheese Chalet! They even have chocolate cheese! 😀

So thank you, guys, for the wonderful surprise. That was so nice of you!


My theme for this year is “The Men In My Little Girl’s Life…” It’s all about the NUMEROUS emotional love affairs I had with the male singers of the 60’s. AND it’s dedicated to my dad, the most magical musician of them all. I hope you’ll journey down Memory Lane with me and see what fierce competition his nibs had to overcome to win my fair hand in marriage! 😉 In the meantime, here’s another song for my dad, the band leader at Welcome Inn.


And now on with the Challenge!


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