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Bless her heart, Ms. Amy Harke-Moore over a A Rural Girl Writes has nominated me for an award. I SO appreciate her thinking of me. I’m horribly flattered since Amy’s blog is beautifully done, polished, and chuck full of interesting information. I always feel like I’ve come home to my Ohio roots when I read it. 😀 It just feels good!

Two years ago, due to the time involved in accepting and passing on these awards, I made Impromptu Promptlings and award-free blog. But for Amy, and just for kicks, I will make an exception and at least answers the questions that come with the award! So here you go, my friend. And thanks again for thinking of me!


1. What do you love most about blogging/writing?
Meeting so many new people around the world and being challenged by some of them to think outside the boxes I’m used to. (Besides which, I love to hear myself talk!)

2. Name a place you’ve never been but would love to visit and why?
Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Britain… (Is that collectively the United Kingdom?) Why? Because they call to me.

3. Describe your favorite snack.
Anything chocolate.

4. What’s the best movie you’ve seen recently?
I’d have to go WAY back to find the best one – which would not be the most recent. But it would definitely be Pacific Rim (2013). Gotta love those big Jaegers! (Not to mention Idris Elba!) And I’m bustin’ to see Pacific Rim: Uprising ?that just came out a couple weeks ago.

5. What is your favorite season and why?
Definitely autumn. The smells of the season bring back so many fond childhood memories for me.

6. Do you believe in ghosts?
Actually, yes. I made the acquaintance of two of them over the years. One family, one stranger.

7. What advice do you give but don’t take yourself?
Stay away from the sugar! It’s addictive!

8. If you had to choose one favorite color, what would it be?
Sage green.

9. When is the last time you laughed?
I busted a gut laughing at his nibs busting a gut laughing at the TV series Scorpion last Monday night. I keep saying to him, you DO know this isn’t real, right? LOL

10. Do you prefer a tablet or actual book while reading?
What’s a tablet? Hey! When the power goes out on everything, ya’ll will be bored out of your minds while I’m tucked away in a corner with a candle reading another Outlander sequel!

So there you go, Amy! Now I have to go find that movie “The Man Who Invented Christmas!” So glad you mentioned it! “A Christmas Carol” is one of my favorite books. Btw, have you read “Jacob T. Marley” by William Bennett? If you like “A Christmas Carol” you’d probably really like this one!


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