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List four times you continued to try even though the odds were against you.


Apparently it’s always been about family for me…

1. Getting pregnant. It was a roller coaster ride for us and took us six years. It ended with a miscarriage. We were devastated but kept trying. And four months later I was expecting our son Brandon. Unfortunately we found out there would be no other babies. A low blow for his nibs who was counting on a baseball team!

2.ย  Being a stay-at-home-mom. I had made a vow to myself while still in high school that I would not let my kids be latchkey kids. So since we knew there would be no more kiddos, I took a leap of faith and quit a good job with RCA Victor and spent the next ten years at home with only ONE pot to piddle in! It was ok, though. We took turns. ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Adopting. Eventually, and primarily through the influence of supporting three children through Compassion International (which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone interested in doing that — they are extremely accountable for where your money goes), we decided we didn’t want to raise Brandon alone so we pursued foreign adoption. (Why foreign? See this series of posts.) We were trying to adopt a little girl from China. But before the adoption could be complete, his nibs and I were past the age for them to allow us to adopt. Finally we spun the wheel and asked Holt International Children’s Services (whom we adore and were marvelous) where was the quickest country we could adopt from as we were facing the age restraints. They said India, and within three months we had a picture of our wonderful daughter Kavitha. God knew exactly who to send to us. She couldn’t be more like his nibs if’n she were our own! ๐Ÿ˜€

4. Getting a BA. Not for me but for Arn. Though we both had business degrees from a business school, he had always wanted to go to Weber State and get a BA in Finance. So we scrounged up the money for him to go — for 15 years part-time while he worked full-time, played dad, little league coach, deacon at church, hubby… At 13 years he thought he was done, but found out he had neglected to file for his minor. And by then the course requirements had changed. He was ready to just give up, but I pushed and pushed until he agreed to keep at it. Two years later he was holding that degree in his hands.

This was a really interesting topic!!! I’d never thought about this stuff that way…

What about you? What have you not given up on, even IF it didn’t come to pass?


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